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Solahart Synergy Heat Pump

Solahart Synergy Heat Pump

The Solahart Synergy heat pump is a smart, energy efficient alternative to traditional solar hot water heaters. Instead of using collector panels, the Synergy heat pump uses efficient techology to extract the heat from the surrounding air.


  • Uses heat pump technology to extract heat from the air
  • Ideal for installations not suitable for traditional solar hot water heaters.
  • Uses ¹⁄³ of the energy a conventional electric water heater uses
  • Fast hot water recovery
  • Intergrated electric booster heats in cold weather conditions


  • Save up to ²⁄³ of your water energy consumption
  • Reliable, low maintenance operation
  • Hot water regardless of the weather


Synergy Heat Pump

Heat Pump Performance
Ambient Air Temperature Relative Humidity Recovery Rate Litres Certificate of Performance
20oC 60% 71 3.1
30oC 60% 88 3.8


Synergy HeatPump
Model 310HAV
Installation location Outdoor
Storage capacity litres 310
Storage capacity US gal 82
Electric boost capacity litres 220
Electric boost capacity US gal 58
Weight empty kg 135
Weight empty lbs 298
Weight full kg 445
Weight full lbs 981
Temperature setting oC 60
Temperature setting oF 140
Sound rating at 1.5m dBA 51
Rated power input watts 1300
Height m 1.870
Height in 73.6
Width m 0.670
Width in 26.4
Depth m 0.680
Depth in 26.8