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Dux 250 Litre Electric Boosted Solar

Dux Sunpro 250 Litre Electric Boosted Solar

Dux high efficiency solar collectors on the roof of your home capture the sun, which heats the water in the solar hot water system. The hot water is then stored in a Dux tank. On cloudy days the Sunpro 250 Litre electric boosted system provides the benefit of a booster function to raise the temperature in the tank, so you always have hot water.


  • Utilises tried and proven Dux tanks
  • Proven collector design
  • The Sunpro system can be installed in the harshest Austalian environments
  • Simple installation
  • Simple operation
  • Slim collectordesign

Sunpro 250 Litre Electric Boosted Solar

Storage Capacity 259 litres
Hot water delivery rating 250 litres
Net weight empty 90 kg
Relief valve pressure 1000 kPA
Tank Dimensions
Tank Height 1444 mm
Tank Diameter 617 mm
Tank Depth 718 mm
Capacity People /
House size
250 Litre 2-4 people
2 bedrooms