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Dux Airoheat – Heat Pump

The Dux Airoheat is the most efficient heat pump water heater in its class due to the New Heat Technologhy or NHT. Lets consider the efficiency of Airoheat in two parts.

The first part is the efficient creation of the heat using state of the art components.

The second part is how and where the heat is transferred into the water. What makes Airoheat so efficient is that the heat transfer occurs within the water inside the tank. As a result it gets direct heat transfer and isn’t exposed to some of the heat loss issues assosciated with other styles of heat pump water heaters.

Airoheat is still

  • Easy to install
  • An easy change over from an electric storage water heater
  • Significantly lower on electrical consumption
  • Very quiet
  • A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) appoved product
  • Full mains pressure delivery

Airoheat Subzero new features

  • Airoheat Subzero now includes an innovative de-icing function so there’s no need for a back-up element
  • Management by the innovative Hotlogic controller, allows the Airoheat to keep running in cold climates
  • It is also lighter to make it easier to handle
  • More efficient than the original Airoheat, the Subzero recieves an additional 2 RECs points



Specifications Airoheat
Capacity 250 Litres
Net weight empty 113 Kg
Power consumption (general tariff) 1.2 kW
Max water supply pressure 800 kPa
Relief valve pressure 1000 KPa
Free air flow 1500 m3/h
Rated voltage 240V ac
Evaporator area 0.36 m2