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315 Litre Electric Boosted Solar


  • Hills Evacuated Tubes have passed the AS/NZS 2712:2007 Standard Freeze test to -15o.
  • Hills Evacuated Tubes have passed the AS/NZS 2712;2007 Standard testing for hail resistance.
  • Hills Evacuated Tubes are highly manufactured from high quality Borosilicate Glass and have a 10 year warranty.

315 Litre Electric Boosted Hills Solar Hot Water System

Hills Solar Hot Water System

Climate change due to greenhouse emissions present an immediate and growing threat to our fragile planet. The sun provides a limitless source of free non-polluting energy every day. A Hills Solar Evacuated Tube Hot Water System can efficiently capture this free energy and provide you with up to 80% savings on your hot water heating costs. Considering Australia is one of the sunniest countries on the planet it makes sense to utilise this resource by installing a Hills Esteem Solar Evacuated Tube Hot Water System. Not only will you save money but you will also reduce your family’s CO2 emissions by up to 3 tonnes per year.

Electric Boosting

Hills Solar offer electric boosted solar systems to sustain the waster at an appropriate temperature when radiant heat is low and there is cloud cover and rain. The system comes with a standard 3.6kW bottom element, however can be changed to a 4.8kW element to conform with different state regulations. Positioning of the element ensures you will have a full tank of hot water avaliable.

Evacuated Solar Tubes

Evacuated tube technology delivers significantly better performance than traditional absorbers on the market today. Their advanced design incorporates tubes that consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass with a vacuum layer between them. The vacuum acts like a thermos flask, retaining up to 97% of the thermal energy, resulting in an increased efficiency.

The Sun’s solar energy is then transferred to the manifold via the heat pipe located in each tube. The small amount of evaporative liquid in each tube is super heated by the sun’s solar energy and forms into a vapour. The vapour rises to the top of each pipe. Heat transfer then occurs between the pipe and water passing through the manifold. The water is then transferred to the tank. The cylindrical design of the tubes ensures effective collection of the sun’s solar energy throughout the entire day.

Warranty Parts Labour
Tank 10 years 1 year
EST Collectors 10 years 1 year
Electric Booster Element 1 year 1 year
Electrical Components 1 year 1 year
Pump 1 year 1 year
Mounting Frame 10 years 1 year
Suggested Tank Size
1 to 2 people 160 Litre Electric / Gas Boosted
3 to 4 people 250 Litre Electric / Gas Boosted
5 to 6 people 315 Litre Electric / Gas Boosted
Numbers of RECs for an installation per zone 10 Tube Collector 22 Tube Collector 30 Tube Collector
Zone 1 – 315L Electric Boosted 14 24 30
Zone 2 – 315L Electric Boosted 13 24 29
Zone 3 – 315L Electric Boosted 14 24 30
Zone 4 – 315L Electric Boosted 11 20 25