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Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted

Solahart Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted

The Solahart Streamline closed circuit system is a split system solar water heater with roof mounted slimline collectors and a roof mounted storage tank. This Solahart system is suitable for use in low to high solar gain areas.

The Solahart Streamline closed circuit design protects the system from freezing making it suitable for areas prone to frost. It is also suitable for areas with a harsh water supply.

The system is equipped with a gas booster which senses when boosting is required to ensure continuous hot water regardless of the weather. The water heater also offers the convinience of dual temperature outlets so tempered water can be delivered to the bathrooms and hot water can be delivered to the kitchen and laundry.


  • Suitable for areas prone to frost or harsh water areas
  • Dual temperature outlets
  • Controlled variable flow through solar collectors to maximise solar gain
  • 5 star instantaneous gas boosting efficiency
  • Natural gas and propane models avaliable
  • Flexible installation options
  • Solar connections to top of the tank makes for simpler and tidier installation
  • Stylish slimline design


  • Save 50% – 80% on your water heating energy consumption
  • Hot water regardless of the weather
  • Reduced energy use saves up to 3.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year
  • Space efficient and flexibility with installation
  • Can qualify for valuable environmental incentives

Streamline Closed Circuit Gas Boosted Systems

Solar Storage Tank
Model 270DBV
Storage Capacity litres 270
US gal 71
Installation Outdoor
Weight Empty kg 167
lbs 368
Weight Full kg 437
lbs 963


Gas Boosted Specifications
Booster Type Electronic Instantaneous
Booster Size litres / min @ 25°C rise 26
US gal / min @ 45°F rise 6.9
Min. Flow Rate litres / min 3.0
US gal / min 0.8
Frost Protection Standard